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I went into my attic to put things away and there right ahead of me was a bat hanging on the screen of my attic vent. I went online to Angie's List and after reading the great reviews about Protex, I decided to call. Spoke with Nicole who literally called me immediately. She was very polite, professional and understanding of my situation. She said she will call her tech and see when he could come over to help us out. Within 10 minutes, she called me back saying she had a tech in the area that could come over today. I agreed.

There was Bob, he was at our home in 15 minutes, inspected the outside of our home first then came inside. Before he opened up the attic stairs he asked if there is a bat up there do you want it removed, of course I said yes!! He went into the attic saw the bat and came to the conclusion that the bat was on the outside of the screen on the gable vent on the eve of the house. He scared it away and our troubles were gone! Bob did not charge us for that service, but he did suggest we put screens on the outside of the gable vents and left us with an estimate to think about.

With everything going on in today's world, it's nice to know there are people & businesses out there who really look to help people. It's not always about money, it's about kindness, treating people with respect and doing good deeds. Bob is a good deed do-er!!!!! I would recommend Protex very highly, to anyone who may need this type and many other types of pest removal services.


— Happy Client

We would absolutely use them again… We contacted Protex to give us an estimate, and the technician (Brian) arrived at the scheduled time. He was very thorough, and we went through the entire house with a flashlight, basement to attic. He asked a lot of questions about our house, and gave us a lot of information about the different kinds of pests, and tips on things that we could do to keep them out of our house.

Our main concern was the wasps nesting under our siding, and he was able to observe them going in and out of the nests and told us that spray would be enough to take care of them. He also pointed out some other places that we would need to seal up.

He gave us a quote for initial service and an option for quarterly service, but told us that we really didn't need the quarterly service at this time - I like that they didn't try to sell us extras that were not needed, and that they didn't try to apply any more chemicals than was necessary. We have an infant child and some pets, so I was really happy that they weren't pushing us to spray extra chemicals in the interior of the house. Another nice thing about Protex is that their estimate is free and the quote is valid for one year, so they don't pressure you to spend any money right away.

We scheduled a second visit a month later to actually treat the pests. Brian arrived on schedule and told us about the work he was going to do. He moved some items away from our house and applied the chemicals - the whole visit probably took about an hour. He also sealed up one hole under our eaves and one hole near the foundation that we saw a chipmunk go into, which was not included in the quote, but he did it anyway!

They gave us a service report that listed all the work performed and all the chemicals used. He told us that the bugs should start to disappear right away, but it could take up to a week or two, and I noticed that the wasps and crawling insects were gone a few days later. Protex guarantees their work, and Brian told us that if there were any issues or if the initial treatment didn't eliminate the pests, he would come back and re-treat for free.

We would absolutely use Protex again, and have already referred them to some friends in the area.

— Bryan, New Providence

I am a Happy Camper! This is a bit of a story indeed – but one that I think must be told. After calling a major name brand pest control company that no-showed me the other day, I contacted Bob Coleman of Protest Termite & Pest Control Inc. I was under the impression that I had an infestation of carpenter ants in my home and was preparing to spend upwards of $350 for an annual treatment program and whatever other funds might be necessary for possibly needed house framing repairs.

Bob Coleman of Protex showed up at my house as scheduled, greeted my dog and proceeded to look around my home to assess the situation. After closely inspecting some of the debris that the ants had left behind with his microscope, Bob indicated that my problem was not carpenter ants, as I had thought, but rather a colony of harmless paver ants. A nuisance yes, but not a structure damaging issue. He suggested that than rather spending money on his services, I may consider using a standard insect repellent spray, readily available at the hardware store - that should do the job.

He kindly thanked me for contacting his company and began to walk away. I stopped him to ask what his service charge would be, he just smiled and said, "Thanks, but no charge." I again tried to stop him to at least flip him a $20 or something. He again smiled and said, "If ever you need my services, please give me a call." Well, that was indeed a welcome experience. At a time when you feel that nearly everyone out there is ready to rip you off, this man goes and pulls a fast one.

He provided the kind of service that I think would be reserved for the very best customers. It’s a nice lesson learned – there are some good, honest people doing business in this world. They should be praised a little and held in high esteem. Bob Coleman gets my vote of thanks and definitely resides on my highly recommended list indeed.

— Mark, Somerset

Fast service and great price… I had ants in my bathroom, bedroom and kitchen which I couldn't get rid of with over-the-counter products. Protex came out the same day I called and treated the entire inside and outside of my house. I had just moved to a new home. I had been using a major national exterminating company for over 10 years in my former house. I tried to get them to come in to do the new house but it was such a hassle because the appointment had to go through the national office and I had to wait to get a call back. I checked Angie's List and found Protex. I got an estimate over the phone and the service tech came to my house that afternoon to treat it. The following day, I got a call back from the national company to set up a service date and I told them that I already had it done.

There was a problem with returning ants due to continuing new construction right near my house. I called Protex and they came back immediately and provided at stronger service at no additional charge. They were very professional and they explained everything they did and why there were doing it. I haven't seen an ant since they did the second service.

If I have ants again, I will definitely call them. Fast service and great price.

— Della, Somerset

Thank you… Just wanted to thank you so much for getting rid of the squirrels in my attic. I certainly received the most professional service. I would definitely use your services again and recommend you to others having pest problems.

— Barbara

Could not have been more pleased… I just wanted to let you know that we could not have been more pleased with the work that Bob Coleman from Protex did in doing the termite control and repairs. He and his helper were very efficient in what they did and hard working. Bob was excellent in explaining what he was doing and why. In watching what he did and how he did it, I feel confident that we had an excellent and thorough job done. Although it was not pleasant to have to deal with this problem, Bob did whatever he could to minimize the disruption that was caused in doing the work. Having Bob around was a pleasure. He is a very positive, outgoing individual. He brings a great energy to his job.

If you need to recommend someone for termite work again, you can be confident in recommending Bob Coleman at Protex.

— Karen