Pest Control Experts in Green Brook NJ

The team at Protex is proud to provide professional pest control services to Green Brook NJ. Our family-friendly pest control methods and dedication to customer service is what sets us apart from our competition. Get the help you need to have those pesky pests under control with the team at Protex.

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Rodent Control

Rodents such as rats and mice are a nuisance, can cause damage to your property and transmit diseases. The most common way of identifying the presence of rodents is the presence of shredded pieces of fabric or paper and droppings near food sources. It's best to focus on prevention. The team at Protext will inspect your home and seal all entry points.

Termite Control

Termites eat wood and plant matter and do not carry any known diseases. Signs of termites will be termite mud tubes or dirt tubes. These will look like thin lines of dirt that look like it has spilled and dried along the wall. Not all termites make mud tubes. These are created by subterranean termites that live in the ground. These cannot be exposed to the air or light for long periods of time because they will dry out and die. This tube is made from dirt, termite saliva, plant debris or wood particles and feces. We will help you identify your termite problem and come up with a customized solution tailored to fit your specific needs.