Residential Pest Control

At Protex Termite and Pest Control, Inc., we have a vested interest in providing a safe, environmentally-conscious, cost-effective solutions for your pest problems. We will never provide a treatment based on popularity or price, which will not solve a pest control problem. You can count on us, Warren New Jersey's pest control specialists for over 35 years.

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What to Expect

Step 1 – Thorough Inspection · We start protecting your home by conducting a thorough inspection with a focus on areas that attract pests or allow them access to your house. We’ll offer you advice about how you can control pests through preventative steps.

Step 2 – Effective Treatments · Our technicians will perform an initial treatment to rid your home of any existing pests. Our pest control specialists have the training, experience, and the tools to assure protection and elimination of all types of destructive pests. Additionally, we're experts at the proper, safe methods of selecting and applying all pest control chemicals. The application of pesticides alone will accomplish little without other non-chemical strategies.

Step 3 – Long-term Prevention · After our initial treatment, we can help eliminate the long-term risk of pest problems as well. Proper professional evaluation yields a strategic plan that can control pests indefinitely. Intense preliminary treatment is often followed by an ongoing service plan customized for the property, or at least by an annual inspection. We'll customize a plan that's right for you.

A "Greener" Approach

At Protex, we specialize in providing environmentally-friendly solutions to Green Brook, Somerset NJ, and surrounding areas. If you prefer a more eco-friendly approach to pest management, we will create a plan for you with steps to help you control unwanted pests using the least damaging methods to the environment, your home, and your family. Ask us for more information!

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Monthly, Quarterly & Annual Pest Plans

Monthly, quarterly and annual service plans are available and include exterior and interior applications and maintenance for all crawling insects and rodents (excluding wood-destroying insects unless requested). Protect your home completely with a worry-free annual plan: termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, mice, general pests - a plan for your home can be tailored to your needs.

Screening & Structural Wood Repairs

Structural repairs for any type of wood-destroying organism damage is available. We are fully licensed and insured to do all kinds of structural repairs. All our work is certified. Many times, real estate transactions require all damage due to wood-destroying insects be repaired. We can also provide any type of screening or exclusion necessary to prevent wild animal infestations.