Termite Control in Somerset, NJ

Homeowners and businesses alike turn to Protex Termite & Pest Control for the most reliable termite control services in Somerset, New Jersey. If you are buying or selling a home, or if you suspect you might have a termite infestation, our experienced team is here to help ease your mind with professional termite control.

Termite Control Services

Termites eat wood and can cause great structural damage to your property. A typical homeowner’s insurance policy in Central New Jersey does not cover destruction caused by termites, even though they cause over 1 billion dollars in damage to homes throughout the United States each year. Our inspection and treatment program can help you understand the threat of termites, and we will take the necessary steps to protect your home.

Termite Inspection

We conduct a detailed examination of your home or business premises to identify any signs of termite infestation. In case of any termite damage, our technician will inform the property owner about the evidence found and provide a written report and estimate if requested. We also provide termite inspections for real estate transfers.

Termite Treatments

Termites can be controlled through two methods - a traditional liquid treatment or an alternative approach using a Termite Baiting System. Following a thorough inspection of your property, a skilled technician can assess and recommend the most effective treatment option.

Learn More About Termite Control

If you are a home or business owner in the Somerset, NJ, area and you’re in need of professional termite control, contact the experts at Protex today.